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I was born and raised in the bay area of California, but now I live in Tokyo with my little family.

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October 2013 week 3

I decided that week, dubbed “sick week,” would be the perfect time to show off our apartment now that it’s decidedly less empty.

① The living room! Complete with out-too-early kotatsu (we were excited that we could finally own one), sofa bed, entertainment center, and an actual dining table! The counter kitchen was the biggest selling point for me.

② The kitchen! It may look narrow to my Stateside friends and family, but this is the roomiest kitchen I’ve had in any of my apartments. I fell hard for the giant sink, the counter space, the three gas burners, and the fish grill. And my brother-in-law traded refrigerators with us since his was too big for just one person. We’re spoiled!

③ The “play room!” The smaller desk is TK’s (he only has a laptop, and often uses it in the living room) and the massive desk is my baby. I still have to rearrange everything, but right now the positioning of my gaming rig makes this setup the only possibility for now.

④ The guest room! We can actually host guests comfortably now! We’re so excited to fix our reputation (“You don’t have to sleep on the floor and share a dish towel anymore!”) that we constantly pressure friends into staying with us.

⑤ The bedroom! It literally just holds our bed. Finally, TK doesn’t have to sleep curled up on the floor! The only drawback is that we’ve overslept to ungodly hours many times before due to the fact that the room is like a cave when the curtains are closed. I had to turn on all the lights to take this photo.

⑥ And here’s the bedroom— at noon— with the curtain closed. See what I mean?

⑦ Our fancy bathtub! This was the selling point for TK. We finally have a separated shower and bath, so he can soak his troubles away like a true Japanese. The bath has so many functions!

That’s our place! Come stay with us, friends (we have pillows for you now!)

  • 4 November 2013
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