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Hello, I'm "Mimi" Nakamura!

I was born and raised in the bay area of California, but now I live in Tokyo with my little family.

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October 2013 week 4

① We are so ready for our kitten to arrive. I’ve set up his cat castle next to my desk so he can always be close by! I take my Crazy Cat Lady-dom very seriously.

② After showing my mom the previous photo, she sent me this one. My brother’s cat apparently has the same idea!

③ I have finally perfected my own pumpkin spice latte recipe. I found a recipe for a pumpkin spice syrup and experimented and adjusted and after much trial and error… life is perfect again! Never will I weep when I see photos on Facebook of my Stateside friends sipping on this nectar of the gods. (And I can smugly grin that mine costs so much less!)

④⑤ In Japan, coming over to a friend’s house is much more of a calculated, large-scale event. Since hanging out at a friend’s house was basically the default plan all through my high school and college days, it still comes as a shock to me that my Japanese friends are so apologetic about visiting. The standard practice is to bring a gift of usually shareable snacks or alcohol in excess so the hosts can have some leftover after the festivities. So we were excited to receive lots of pricy snacks that we’d never buy for ourselves!

⑥ Look at this tiny pudding!

⑦ I love this man. He’s like the opposite of a weeaboo: cowboy hat, bolo tie, “MADE IN THE USA” label.

  • 4 November 2013
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